Trading Psychology – Mind over Market part 2

In this video you will learn about a mindset that many trader struggle to develop and the majority never master. Marc explains that it is possible to determine the probability of a trading strategy working over time by back testing and doing your due diligence.

However, he states it is impossible to determine if an individual trade will work or not. He uses this randomness principles to explain why so many retail traders can not sustain success in the market.

You can see the same exact same setup over and over (double tops, head & shoulders, etc.) and see different outcomes each time. NO ONE is ever 100% sure what an outcome of a trade will be. Once you are able to train your mind to NEVER expect an outcome and trade the probabilities with no emotions, you are then on the path to a successful trading career.

If you missed Part 1 Click Here to Watch


Author: FxJoshWilson

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