Achievement is Built on Challenge

A mentor of mine forwarded this me and I wanted to share. Set your mind to what you want to accomplish and stick to it.

“Achievement is built on challenge. Achievement is built on setbacks and frustrations.


Achievement is built when conditions are difficult. Achievement is built when the direction of the economy is uncertain, and when there’s no guarantee of success.

And achievement is indeed built, for it is not inevitable. Achievement happens because people choose to make it happen.

Achievement is built on meaningful intention, with devotion, persistent action and plain old hard work.

Achievement is built on the desire to make a difference, and on the commitment to fulfill that desire no matter what.

Yes, of course there are obstacles, excuses, distractions, frustrations and disappointments that push back against achievement.

Achievement is built anyway, and the world is a richer, more promising place because of it.

Achievement is built by giving the best of your focus and your efforts to each moment. And as you build it, achievement builds you.”

– Ralph Marston

Author: FxJoshWilson

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